L'usine is a retail space, cafe and gallery in the heart of Saigon. L'usine brings together emerging Vietnamese talent with established designers from abroad to offer an eclectic offering. La Cafeteria de L'usine offers a place to relax, eat, drink during the moments in between exploring all that Vietnam has to offer.


1. THERE ARE MANY OF US Black Leather Bag

2. Happy Sock

3. Mr. Simple Stripe T-Shirt

4. Lomography Spocket Rocket Camera Edition in Neon Yellow

5. Marou Chocolate

7. Lomography Color Negative Film 100

8. Clae Ellington Shoes in Ruby Suede


1. Marshall Artist Stripe Sweater

2. Pijama Herringbone iPhone Case

3. Les Canet Notebook

4. Clae Midnight Suede Mid-tops

5. Baxter California Slick Pomade 

6. LUXE London Guide

7. Izola “Three Sheets to the Wind” Flask 5oz.

8. Baxter Black Quilted Dopp-Bag

9. Braun BN10 EasySkroll Stainless Steel Bracelet

10. Baxter California After Shave Balm

11. Marshall Artist Stripe Gray Pocket Square

L’Usine Gift Idea No.1


Lexon “Take Time” watch collection designed by Mathieu Lehanneur with 3-in-1 concept of jean’s loop, hand bag or wrist.

L'Usine Gift Idea Lexon Take Time Watch

L'Usine Gift Idea Lexon Take Time Watch

** L’Usine Le Loi **

We are delighted to announce that L’Usine has opened its second location on Le Loi, in the heart of the city.  Following the success of the L’Usine flagship boutique store on Dong Khoi street, the time was right for a new store to offer exciting new products, a fresh new café, all set to a backdrop of our famous L’Usine style.

Set in a colonial era French building, with unique architectural features – the owners took on the task to transform the building to its former spectacle.  The new L’Usine offers an entirely unique experience; disappear from the bustling streets of Le Loi into a calm, open, capacious, well-orchestrated lifestyle store.  On the ground floor L’Usine Le Loi showcases some of the world’s most cutting-edge brands in clothing, stationery and accessories. Climb the extraordinary staircase that spirals up through the ceiling of the space and you’ll find yourself in the spacious café, immersed in L’Usine’s renowned vintage style.  Set amongst the swivel chairs and reclaimed wooden table tops of the café and the gallery, is the homewares range; exhibiting a variety of products and vignettes that have been curated by local exciting artists and stylists. The café has been designed as a Panini bar, serving all-day hot Panini’s fresh from the grill and a host of refreshing hot and cold beverages, and of course, our famous cupcakes.


Store: +84 (0) 8 3521 0702 

Café: +84 (0) 8 3521 0703 

Email: infoleloi@lusinespace.com